Announcing CCARHT’s
4th Summer Symposium 2019

1st July – 5th July

The Several Rs of Trafficking: its Risks and Rewards

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Welcome to the  Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking on line. We facilitate multi-agency, cross departmental and inter and intra university research efforts to respond to the multiple challenges of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery  in all its global and local realizations.  Recently UK news channels have announced that ‘Trafficking is a much greater problem in the UK than previously thought’.  This is undoubtedly true from the perspective of how it has been operationalised against and how enforcement and multi agency reponses have been resourced in country.

CCARHT has been presenting data, and in-house reports arguing for a much deeper sustained and resourced response to Trafficking since its inception in 2007.  What is true in the UK, is true internationally.  Human Trafficking is a global human rights violation and terrifyingly lucrative criminalised activity.  It requires all disciplines to be involved in understanding its ‘performance’, unravelling its grip and working on sustainable ‘recovery’ of those caught within its systems.  It requires a whole systems response to ‘systemic’ abuses of inequality in power, resources, access to justice, and the full entitlements consonant with ‘global’ and national citizenship.  This is the quest to which CCARHT brings its yearly Symposium in Cambridge and active research programmes targeting aspects of this mighty and ubiquitous twenty first global challenge to our assertions of ‘common humanity’, ‘human decency’ and essential incontrovertible ‘human rights’.

The annual Cambridge Summer Symposium, brings together a unique mix of ‘C’ suite practitioners and academics, drawn from the ranks of NGOs and IGOs, policy makers, civil servants, policing specialists, academics, lawyers, faith and business leaders, to partake in conversation, analysis, and active problem identification and the first steps towards solution development.  From this symposium emerge various publications, blogs, articles and ‘mini-white’ papers to inform the wider constituency which CCARHT seeks to serve.

Across these pages you will find resources to enrich your own research on the multiple, multi-disciplinary and systemic challenges of Human Trafficking.   If you would like to be involved in the further development of our hub, participate in our annual Symposium here in Cambridge, or develop with CCARHT a symposia for your region, country or institution – do be in contact.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Cambridge Counter Trafficking Summer Symposium

On these pages you will be able to

  • Explore in greater detail a range of resources available for understanding Human Trafficking as it is being practiced today
  • Lock in with other practitioners and academics who are investigating and through enhanced understanding developing tools to challenge the multiple pathways which Human Trafficking undermines our societies and the lives of those who are trafficked
  • Follow news gleaned from across the world on the latest developments emerging from our range of associated centres, academics and practioners
  • Connect with our network on face book, linked-in and twitter
  • Submit your academy’s resources or publications for review and hosting
  • Discover a range of conferences, events and webinars which are available to enhance your own and your organisation’s understanding about Human Trafficking and emerging best practice in response
  • Become part of a growing network of those who are informed and able to raise responsibly their national response to Human Trafficking in the context of an international community of expertise. Are you a professional, academic or NGO practitioner working on countering Human Trafficking ?
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