The Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking exists in order to facilitate a multi-agency, cross departmental and inter university research effort to respond to the multiple challenges of Human Trafficking in all its global and local realizations.

Cambridge Counter Trafficking Summer School  and Senior Symposium

 July 17th – 21st   Symposium  2017
(July 23rd – 26th Research Methods and Concerns 2017)
@ St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge

Children in Forced Migration and Human Trafficking Risk

 Following on the success of the inaugural Symposium last year, and working towards the #2020MDSVision this year the CCARHT Symposium focusses on the challenges confronting Nation States, and Children’s Rights advocates on the treatment of Children in forced migration, and in the multiple vulnerabilities of Human Trafficking.

Lecturers this year include:
Nazir Afzhal  OBE
Chief Executive of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

Mike Dotteridge
Independent Child Migration Consultant. Author of multiple UN, EU reports on Children’s Rights and Protection. Former Director of Anti Slavery International.

Professor Nair  Professor at TISS, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai, India.

Dr Sara Silvestri  Senior Lecturer  Department of International Politics, City University of London

Glynn Rankin  Lecturer at Liverpool University, former joint Director of the UK Human Trafficking Centre  and Crown Prosecuting Service

ilm-logo-1Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford  Director of CCARHT and UNITAR Fellow (GENEVA) on Gender, Peace and Conflict Studies

Dr Sarah Steele  CCARHT Research fellow and specialist in Public Health Impacts and Human Trafficking  BiFellow Jesus College University of Cambridge

Pooja Bhalli
International Organization for Migration (UN Migration Agency)  Khartoum, Sudan

Michael McHugh  Youth Refugee Service volunteer working in Calais

More Lecturers being confirmed in Cyber impacts, combatting Sexual Exploitation, Child Soldiers, Child (trafficked) labour in Cash Crop production, Unaccompanied Minors across Europe,  Development and Social Protection, Best practice guidelines for Child Safeguarding, the Psychological impacts of Migratory journeys and exploitation,   Including survivors in the Research process, vulnerabilities and capabilities of Faith Based Organisations.

2020 visionbook your place

tell me more‘The most wonderful week
packed with learning, and opportunities to interrogate top people about how Human Trafficking works – and how it can be addressed’
2016 Delegate from Germany

‘Unforgettable and unmissable – this week set me up for the NGO project work I am now heading up – thank you so much everyone involved for a great week.’
2016 Delegate from London


Cambridge University and its Colleges, a perfect setting for study and discussion, with a subject area of immense urgency and importance.
Cambridge University and its Colleges, a perfect setting for study and discussion, with a subject area of immense urgency and importance.




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