This year’s summer symposium will convene participants from around the globe via WebEx. The list of confirmed speakers is available here: Speakers 2020

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With a decade remaining before the initial deadline of the SDG’s, we shall be exploring various aspects of the SDG’s and their implication in building resilience against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, and unpacking the ‘arbitraging’ of advantage that is currently taking place globally, as traffickers undermine efforts towards economic stabilization, geo-political transparency, and social equality.

If you have a paper you would like to develop for the symposium – please be in touch with symposium@ccarht.org so that you can be considered for inclusion in what is fast emerging as the ‘go-to’ symposium for tackling the multi-headed hydra of Human Trafficking processes, and the human rights devastation of Modern Slavery. For more detailed information on how to book your participation, to contact us, or to see our other exciting events: Go to our events page: CCARHTEvents.org

Day one: Sustainable Development Goals 11, and 13 No Poverty, Sustainable Cities and Climate Action (with the perspective of Climate-Driven Migration in the mix) Go to our CCARHT event site here!

Day two: SDGs 3, 4, and 5 and 6 Good Health and Well being, Quality Education and Gender Equality. Go to our CCARHT event site here!

Day three: A morning dedicated to the rights of the child – with goals 10 and 2 in mind. Orphanage trafficking challenges around national and international adoption, and the best interests of the child being addressed.

Day four: Goals 8, 9, and 16. Peace and Justice and the role of the protective function of courts, the military and public policing — together with how Decent Work and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure play their part. Go to our CCARHT event site here!

Day five: Goal 17 in focus with previous days’ attention reprised – Building partnerships going forward. A day for building forward the eco-system that is the CCARHT counter-trafficking network. OUr first session brings businesses and researchers together to explore Tech and Trafficking, some of the solutions required, and some of the emerging technology coming available which can be repurposed. Attendees of this session will be awarded a University of Nicosia certificate of attendance, along with their certificate of session attendance from CCARHT.

In the next session we shall be exploring how to build and develop a purposeful and sustainable network of partnerships to power change. In the afternoon the CCARHT directors invite funders, philanthropists and ethical investors to engage with us in camera, to explore how CCARHT and our exceptional network of talented researchers and committed and expertly informed advocates for change might find a way to source sustained funding to exercise the innovative work which we undertake here from the Centre. To be a part of this closed event please drop a note to Grahame@ccarht.org, he will be delighted to be in conversation with you to take this element of our post symposium process forward.

Go to our CCARHT event site here!

Each evening we shall be recommending a set of films for our delegates to watch in preparation, or further consideration of the day passed, or next day’s symposium panels. Twitter threads will be available for the comments and thoughts arising from this joint watching in our homes of these resources, some brought exclusively for the consideration of symposium delegates.