2020 Summer Symposium

The 2020 summer symposium convened participants from around the globe via the online WebEx platform.


With a decade remaining before the initial deadline of the SDG’s, we explored various aspects of the SDG’s and their implication in building resilience against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, and unpacked the ‘arbitraging’ of advantage that is currently taking place globally, as traffickers undermine efforts towards economic stabilization, geo-political transparency, and social equality. Each contributor brought a Covid 19 element to their thinking for action peri and post Covid to heighten immediate relevance for action.


The 2020 CCARHT symposium for tackling the multi-headed hydra of Human Trafficking processes, and the human rights devastation of Modern Slavery in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals. June 29th – 3rd July 2020.

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Day one:

Sustainable Development Goals 11, and 13 No Poverty, Sustainable Cities and Climate Action (with the perspective of Climate-Driven Migration in the mix).

Day two:

SDGs 3, 4, and 5 and 6 Good Health and Well being, Quality Education and Gender Equality.

Day three:

A morning dedicated to the rights of the child – with goals 10 and 2 in mind. Orphan trafficking, and the multiple challenges which face all those involved in national and international adoption, and the best interests of the child are addressed by adoptees, film makers, adopting parents, and lawyers. Taking three sessions of our day’s offering.

Pru Leith and her daughter the film director Li Da Krueger joined a number of other adoptees, and lawyers working through the human face of all separation narratives, as we explored the issues of child safeguarding, in adoption and later in the day cyber protection on line with the former head of CEOPs Jim Gamble and leaders in child protection and trafficking enforcement from India, Commander Ashok, and Professor P.M.Nair.

Day four:

Goals 8, 9, and 16. Peace and Justice and the role of the protective function of courts, the military and public policing — together with how Decent Work and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure play their part.