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The Cambridge University library which has a long history as a copy library, is the inspiration for us to make as much of our report work available to public researchers as possible here at CCARHT.  Please feel free to contact us if there are any other reports or research areas mentioned across these pages which do not include a downloadable copy here in the ‘Public Library’.

Behind closed doors

Behind Closed Doors - in the light of the suggestion of fellow Cambridge academic Paulo Campana in his 2016 analysis of Transnational crime groups operating out of Nigeria : The structure of human trafficking :Lifting the bonnet on a Nigerian transnational network published in the British Journal of Criminology, this paper follows the author Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford, in an 18 month participant observer role, searching out the strands of connections and community understanding of the work of Nigerian Madames in the UK, and the trafficking and smuggling networks and routes which service their supply line. The work also looks at the interconnections with resistance and safeguarding in place around Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence in our communities, and the role faith based communities could have in helping dismantle abusive cultures.

Mega Sports Events and Human Trafficking risk: London 2012

(Child safety risks and compliance issues, forced labour and sexual exploitation) Legatum Institute (Senior Researcher with a series of country experts interrogated)

Introduction and foreword to the ‘Child Trafficking Prevention

– Practitioner’s Training Guide’ edited by the European Federation for  Street Children (EFSC) commissioned by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Home Affairs 2012 -2014 (UK adviser in the development stages of the bid)