‘Child Trafficking in Europe: A Seven Country Report’   RENATE  The Netherlands  2019

Behind Closed Doors: Voices Against Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery’  an examination of Pentecostal Churches, and the implication for African Churches working in the UK and Europe today.  Churches Together in England  July 2017

‘New Kids on the block: What Gender Economics and Palermo tell us about Trafficking in Human Beings’ in Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics Ed: Susanne Moore IGI Global    July 2015

Human Trafficking, Sporting Mega Events and the London Olympics of 2012:  Carrie Pemberton Ford.   Kindle publication  The Legatum Institute  June  2012

The Real Violence of Sex Trafficking   Lucy Berry and Carrie Pemberton Ford. Kevin Mayhew 2007 

Not for Sale – Raising Awareness Ending Exploitation  C. Pemberton, A.Myers and L.Berry Inspire Publications  2006

‘White slavery and the trafficking of women today: continuities and discontinuities with Butler’s vision, methods and global realities’. Beating the Traffic: Josephine Butler and Anglican Social Action Today.  Ed: A Milbank 2007   George Mann Publications.

Looking Beyond the Numbers: A Qualitative Study on the Chinese Migrant Worker Communities in West Norfolk. Pemberton and Ling. 2004

Cutting edge or ignored resource: assessing the uptake and content of the NHS e-Learning for healthcare on “identifying and supporting survivors of modern slavery”, Journal of Public Health. Segan Helle, Sarah Steele.

‘Child Trafficking in Europe: A Seven Country Report’
   RENATE  The Netherlands  2019

Reports held by Commissioning bodies
Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking, Global Migration and Local Integration

April 23rd – April 28th  2017  NATO high level symposium Macedonia – Expert Panellist  – Paper given on Human Trafficking risks and border security efforts in South East Europe, UNITAR representative and speaker.

2017 – March – October 2018,   Trafficking and Unaccompanied Minors across 7 European Countries: RENATE report for delivery to the Vatican launched House of Commons January 2019. Team of 12 Researchers – 7 in country and management of 5 desk researchers

2016 – 2017 Behind Closed Doors Gender Based Violence in Domestic Abuse, Servitude and Human Trafficking (particular emphasis on Nigeria)  Report presented House of Lords,  Baroness Elizabeth Butler Sloss (Human Trafficking Foundation Chair)
CTE (Churches Together in England)

2015  Renate (Religious Congregations in Europe) Report – The State of Human Trafficking in Europe: A mapping exercise. A capability report on the capacity of Religious organisations to respond to contemporary challenges of trafficking. Presented to Pope Francis October 2016.  

 2014  European Federation of Street Children Report  A six country-based study Euro 500,000 2 year DG HOME programme  to inform a tool kit for early identification and response.  Executive Summary and Expert Steering committee.  Introduction and foreword to the ‘Child Trafficking Prevention – Practitioner’s Training Guide’  edited by the European Federation for  Street Children (EFSC) commissioned by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Home Affairs  2012 -2014  (UK adviser in the development stages of the bid)
Presented in the Luxembourg Embassy  Brussels. 

London 2012 Olympics and Mega Sports risk in Trafficking in Human Beings. Commissioned by the Legatum Institute 2010 – 2012.( Project leader, and report writer. Stakeholder development and dissemination. Gender and Trafficking in Europe – bid proposal for the European Commission, Directorate-General for Home Affairs with Matrix Consulting London August 2014,

  • Gender Mainstreaming: Internal and External impacts for the Commonwealth Secretariat – in house report for Gender Section Marlborough House 2014.
  • South Asian communities’ responses to  Street Grooming in the UK  research team member – University of Leeds (Manchester Police and CPS ) 2013
  • Conflict Minerals and Sexual Violence in D.R.C – the last 20 years: what can be done? –  Conflict Mineral Symposium
    University of St Andrews 2012
  • Internal Reports on Nigerian Safe housing and Reintegration challenges in Abuja, Benin City and Lagos – joint commissioned from CHASTE and  Washington based social Advocacy programme 2006. Field work and recorded interviews.
  • Who is my neighbour: Migration and Community Cohesion in Fenland?  Fenland Strategic Partnership  2009 (Research lead multi agency report)
  • Key Issues for Muslim Women in diaspora communities – a report on focus groups (FGM, Child Safety issues, Honour killings, Educational impacts, forced marriage) 2007 (Research lead, 2 research colleagues)
  • Two Universities, One City – A review of foreign national students and staff in Cambridge.  Cambridgeshire Constabulary 2007
  • Policing Complex Communities – (the role of Diasporas, Immigration, Community dislocations and Representation in Policing)  Ibix Insight  2006 (Senior researcher – Multi agency report)
  • Policing Peterborough – a series of community focused reports on a top ten selection of  migrant populations of Peterborough  during 2005 – 2006 (commissioned by Cambridgeshire Constabulary)
  • Police Structure Review and Regionalisation; Implications for the policing of migrant populations in the Eastern Region  2005 (for 6 commissioning Eastern Region Constabularies)
  • Three Counties, Many People, One Police – 2005  (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies).

Looking Beyond the Numbers: A Qualitative Study on the Chinese Migrant Worker Communities in West Norfolk. Pemberton and Ling. 2004

  • Who Pays the Price? – Responding to the Home Office review on Prostitution July 2004 – report to commissioning team of key issues in grooming and communities at risk from Women’s National Commission working group.

Recent Presentations and High Level Consultations 2017 – 2019


‘Mega sports and trafficking implications – unpicking slavery in the supply,  performance and secondary benefactors’ chain.  Qatar 2020, the construction industry  and Kefala in focus’  University of Palermo – 13th Summer School on Human Rights, Migration and Democracy  June 2019


The Several Rs of Trafficking – the role and opportunity for Religion in the counter Trafficking space – The Several Rs of Trafficking, Research, Risks, Rewards, Registration, Refugees, Returns, Reporting, Recruitment, Recovery, Remedy, Religion, Removal (of Organs) , Reporting, Resources for sustained Research and counter-trafficking Resilience.  The Several Rs of Trafficking Symposium July 2019  CCARHT  at the Centre for Social Innovation Judge Business School, The University of Cambridge.


‘ Applied Research: the significance of NGOs, and FBOs working with Researchers to build relevant policy intervention for governments – some ethical and resource sharing implications’  Konrad Aderdenauer Stiftung and International Justice Mission Symposium paper.  Berlin 2019.


The Transformatory challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals – their genesis and intersectional trajectory.  Visiting Professorial lectures  American Romanian University  Faculty of Law  Bucharest. November 2018.


An Examination of New Trends in the Recruitment and Exploitation of Romanian Victims of Human Trafficking   5th Conference ‘Together Against Human Trafficking’  Friedrick Ebert Stiftung  Foundation   Constanza  Romania October 2018. 


Introduction to the 5 Ts of Trafficking – Why each T matters, and what they open to attention for the transformation of counter Trafficking capability and Tasks internationally. Proceedings of the Cambridge CCARHT Summer Symposium 2018. The Five Ts of Trafficking, Terror, Trauma, Transport, Technology and Transparency.


The key trends in Human Trafficking and implications for recovery – the South Mediterranean in focus  The PHIT Conference  University of Barcelona  Faculty of Law  European Commission Grant. 2018


Forced Migration and the Human Trafficking crisis: developing a sustainable church response in host and asylum-seeking communities  Milan  Italy and Malta synod  Diocese of Europe  September 2017


The Trouble with Securitisation; Mixed Migration and the risks to neo-liberal Polities and Lives.  Trafficking Impacts and Global Security.  FYROM Berovo  High Level Consultation NATO 2017


Theological themes to sustain counter Trafficking work in the Churches   Centre for Public Policy and Theology  New College  University of Edinburgh  October 2017.


The role of multi – agency working and deployment of Faith Communities in counter Trafficking initiatives   PHIT project DG Home EU funded  University of Barcelona  November 2017 (