Junior Research Affiliates and Executive Assistants
Currently Recruiting for 2019 – 20
Affiliates for 2018 – 2019 Emily Rose Smith   St Mary’s University London
Noelle Demole         Columbia University
Affiliates for 2017 – 2018
Francesca Cipolla  Erasmus Exchange Italy
Nadine Connock    University of East London                                                      (UEL) with American University in Cairo
2015 – 2016                            Olivia Fivek             University of Kent

Research Associates  March 2019 – August 2020

CCARHT is currently exploring funding to support 2 Research Associates for designated research into Trafficking Survivor Repatriation programmes.
If you are interested as a philanthropist or as a fund manager please be in contact with our director  Dr Carrie Ford to discuss how we might take your interest in our work on the next steps.


Alumnae of the CCARHT research affiliate programme  2012 -2014
Sarah Peters Harrison (University of Cambridge)
Victoria Lazar Graham (University of Oxford)
Daniele Steele (Durham University)
Worked on the London 2012 Mega Sports and Trafficking Risk Report

International Research Summer programme 2006
NAPTIP research fellows (Nigeria)

Jenny Hollinger
Laura Cardinal

Worked on

If you would like more information about CCARHTs summer and MA dissertation support / internship programme email us – headline Summer Programme

CCARHTs University based and practitioner affiliates are currently drawn from across the UK, Canada, North America, South America, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. If you would like your University or NGO to be represented in our network please submit the following on line form to us so that we can explore our co-operation. We would invite you also to follow our social media links via twitter, and facebook, and invite you to submit articles for inclusion in our library of resources, and to join our Linked-in network for practitioners and researchers.