CCARHT 7th Annual Symposium

Perpetrators or Victims: Shifting Perspectives


Andrew Masterton (London City Police)
Ann Lukowiak JP Benjamin Greer  CALoeS  
Caroline Haughey KC OBE
Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford 
Dr Asress Gikay
Dr Marcel Van der Watt
Gaon Hart
Guillaume Soto Mayor 
Hon. Esohe Aghatise
Judge Swati Chauhan
Kevin Hyland OBE  the National Referral Mechanism
Prof  Leo Zaibert
Klaus Vanhoutte – National Response in Belgium
Dr Sasie Gopala
Dr Maria Chiara Monti

Kyla Raby
Marcel Van der Watt     
Mina Chiang
Patrick Burland 
Prof Andreas Kapardis
Prof P.M.Nair
Prof.  Leoluca Orlando
Prof. Bahija Jamal 
Prof. Toine Spapens
Prof. Yinka Omorogbe 
Professor Nicky Padfield
Professor Roland R. Knobbout
Revd Dr Nadim Nassar
Philip Ishola



Previous editions

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