The Director
Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford

Director of the Centre and developing the research programmes and projects
which the Centre pursues is Dr Pemberton Ford who established the Centre in 2008, and has been building its affiliate network over the last 10 years.

A popular speaker, (Ted X University of Cambridge 2018),  and prolific author, with numerous policy evaluation and strategic direction papers submitted to a range of enforcement, International, Governmental and non-governmental Organisations,  Dr Ford lectures widely in the UK and internationally.

She has developed two courses for assisting organisations get to grips with counter Human Trafficking resilience which have been well received and can be accessed on these pages.

The Academic year 2017 – 2018  has seen Carrie take part in workshops on counter trafficking in Switzerland, Cote d’Ivoire, Sweden, Italy and Belgium, leading a number of symposia and contributing to policy decision work on counter trafficking and modern slavery challenges as a sought after consultant.

UNITAR FELLOW – Carrie held a UNITAR fellowship, (2017-2018) advising the UN Institute for Training and Research in issues pertaining to Human Trafficking and Gender Equality particularly in relation to the Peace Keeping and Sustainable Development Goals being supported by UNITAR into UN member states.

Faith Communities
Carrie has worked extensively in the field of raising the profile of the contribution in civil society responses in Protection and Resistance to Trafficking vulnerability of Faith Based Organisations. She is currently a Trustee of the Seraph Project, following her work on exposing the challenges faced by African communities in Britain and Europe in addressing sexual exploitation in European markets,  alongside domestic servitude,  domestic abuse and coercive sex.

The role of African victims of trafficking was highlighted in The NOT FOR SALE campaign 2004 – 2006 run through the UK NGO CHASTE.  This influential campaign, one of the last postcard driven campaigns pre social media,  resulted in the early ratification of the Palermo Protocol and ministerial attention brought to bear on building UK victim protection and more coherent enforcement around Human Trafficking with the innovation of Operations Pentameter one and two (2005-2008)

NGO Capacity building 

The safe house capacity commenced through the work of the CHASTE round table (CRT) in housing has now evolved through the ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings,(adopted in2009) with a formalised  National Referral Mechanism. The current government contract holders, the Salvation Army, were early participants around the CRT thanks to the foresight of their Worldwide Commissioner Helen Clifton, who caught the requirement and need articulated through Not for Sale advocacy.

The story of the inter-denominational network and capacity building work Carrie realised with a small committed team in CHASTE, and the partners who came alongside to build a movement of resistance, awareness raising and change,  can be read in Not for Sale: Raising Awareness, Ending Exploitation.

University Teaching

Carrie is available to assist in the development of doctoral theses, and has taught and supervised graduates in Oxford University, Uppsala University, the University of Cambridge, the University of Coventry, the University of Loughborough and the University of Edinburgh. Those interested in working with Dr Ford are invited to explore the Bursary package which is available each year to 2 or 3 students for a research based internship.

Reports and Research
Dr Pemberton Ford has advised and reported to inter alia

PHIT Psychological

OSCE – advisers on Labour Exploitation GLA
Special Adviser
behind closed doorsRENATE – Trafficking of Minors and Social Protection challenges in Europe: A Seven Country study. September 2017
Churches Together in England: Report Behind Closed Doors: voices against gender based violence, human trafficking and modern slavery  2017

london olympics
RENATE – The Catholic Religious European Mapping on Human Trafficking 2015.
UNGIFT – Translation requirements for victim rights protection Innovations in counter Trafficking policing.
EU DG Home – European Federation of Street Children Toolkit on early identification of Trafficking for at risk Children  2012-1014
The London 2012 Olympics Task Force on Counter Trafficking
MOPAC (Mayor of London’s Policing and Crime)
Report construction assisting the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Trafficking 2012 – 2013
The Metropolitan Police Service  Counter Trafficking Unit – Gap assessment.
Churches Together in Britain and Ireland  working group on Trafficking
COATNET – European interdenominational network on Trafficking (victim rights Carrie  holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, an MA in International Development Studies and Political Theology from the University of Leeds, a DBA from the Open University and a BA from the University of Oxford.

Research Fellows and Readers

Dr Sarah Steele (2015 ongoing) sarah steels

Sarah holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, a DPhil from the University of Oxford, and a BA, LLB (Hons, 1st) and an MA in International Studies from the Flinders University of South Australia. She is trained in qualitative and ethnographic research, specialising in researching professional organisations and practitioners’ implementation of law and policy.
Previously Sarah has worked as a Lecturer in Law at the Faculty of Law in Cambridge University, and as a Lecturere in the Social Determinants of Health, at BARTS and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Glynn Rankin (2015- 2018)









Formerly the Director of Legal Services for the UK Human Trafficking Centre (a multi-agency National Trafficking Centre (NTC) to combat human trafficking and deliver government policy and targets).  Glynn also works in close co-operation with Coventry University, Sheffield Hallam University and Liverpool Universities.  A member of a number of European high profile policy development and monitoring fora – Glynn brings a Chief prosecutor’s wisdom and an international network of senior legal expertise to the team.

 Jenny Wascak – Director of Sourcing Justice (CIC)
incoming Director of CCARHT (Transparency and Supply chains)


Hugo Tomazeti – 2018  (Mobilising the SDGs to work against Human Trafficking: Businesses and Policy mobilisation) University of Loyola


Kim Crossnan  2016 -( Supply Chains and Regulatory Control – lessons from banking)

Stephanie Gliege  2016 (Humanitarian action, International Human Rights Law enabling improved responses to  Human Trafficking violations)


Pankhuri Argarwal 2016


Giuseppe Alessandro Scavo
Nadine Schemperle







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