CCARHT is a virtual network of academics, social entrepreneurs, enforcement personnel, Not for Profit organisations and political lobbyists gathered from across Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Asia, and Africa, networked out of our Cambridge Offices, who are concerned to see applied research brought to bear on the complex challenges of Human Trafficking as it emerges as one of the great human rights violations, manifestations of the assymetry of life analysis of who goes where for traffickingpossibilities and access to liberty, and accelerators of criminal wealth creation to be addressed in the twenty first century.

We are a growing network of international experts who seek to understand all aspects of Human Trafficking – its reach, its pluri-form dimensions, the mechanisms which drive its development, the market forces it leverages, the socio-economic conditions at countries of source it exploits, as well as examining the various responses of law enforcement agencies and international political and societal responses emerging from the third sector, inter-governmental agencies and the media. CCARHT is recognised as a leading resource network for bespoke research and knowledge sharing on all aspects of Human Trafficking and runs a yearly specially themed symposium in the heart of Cambridge each summer, assembling a stellar range of applied academics and practitioners to speak to the issues in focus for that year.

A recognised NGO/Not for Profit with the United Nations (UNODC) CCARHT seeks to bring together a multi-agency and multiple presence of civil society advocacy, intervention practitioners alongside academics and enforcementblue blindfold specialists.  To join this network drop us a line at network@CCARHT.org with an outline of your area of interest and capabilities.  CCARHT seeks in all of its research, training, interventions, evaluations and publications to support practical and sustainable responses to the profound Human Rights abuse implicit in this increasingly recognised global crime.



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Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford instituted the work of the Centre following the UN GIFT conference of 2007 when it became clear to her that there needed to be the development of interconnecting hubs of research and applied practitioner knowledge at a Global level.

Having successfully established the work of the Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking across Europe in 2004 which addressed the immediate need of victim/survivors of trafficking to have a secure and restorative place of safety whilst they considered their response to pursuing their traffickers through the courts, and enabling the first stages of their psychological and physiological recovery.

The forum which Dr Pemberton Ford established provided one third of the UK’s capacity to house survivors of trafficking abuse, now has one of its early members taking the lead for the UK government’s contract on safe house provision for other forms of trafficking, including domestic servitude, forced DSC01861labour and sexual exploitation.





The work of CCARHT has been recognised by a number of commissions for reports, numerous briefings and bespoke symposia and training events. The network which CCARHT is developing has amongst its members some of the most innovative minds and experienced practitioners in Human Trafficking awareness raising and knowledge economy – CCARHT is currently developing its Trustee board as it moves to registration as a UK educational Charity with international reach. If your institution would like to be one of the extended hubs of CCARHT’s work, please do be in touch  network@ccarht.org