Presentations – CCARHT Symposium 2019

Mark Burns Williamson
Police and Crime Commissioner
Lead on Anti Modern Slavery and Policing

Judge Business School
Judge Business School University of Cambridge

Opening day: Monday 1st July 2019
Risks and Rewards – Research Gaps

Presentations by
Dr Simon Stockley
Professor Soulla Louca
Professor Teresa Rodriguez Montanes
Professor David Grant
Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe
Rainer Franosch
Dr Neil Stott
Dr Teo Keipi
Kerry Gibson
Benjamin Greer

Two of our 2019 Bursaried Students, from Serbia and Germany – supporting the work of the CCARHT Symposium – Thank you for your efforts.

Day two: Tuesday 2nd July 2019
Routes, Restrictions, Race and Rights

Presentations by
Professor PM Nair
Bernie Gravett
Dr Silvia Turati
Dr Soulla Louca
Carole Stolz
Dr Elif Cetin
Markella Papadoulli
Dr Alessandra Sciurba
Prof Fulvio Vassalo
Caroline Haughey QC
Riel Karmy-Jones QC
Peter Rook QC
Benjamin Greer
Dr Neena Samota
Tony Dunkerly
Valeria Ragni
Jan Samuel Willoch
Amandine Bressand

Dr Simon Stockley and Revd Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford welcoming delegates to the Judge Business School.
Day Three – Lecture Room four in the Judge Business School full.

Day 3: Wednesday 3rd July 2019
Registration, Refugees, Returns, Reporting

Brigadier General Gerald Tatzgern
Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor (UNHCR UK)
Philippa Kempson (the Hope Project)
Mark Blick (Diginex)
Markella Papadoulli
Massimiliano Schirinzi
Rosalind Copisarow (the Seeds Project Jordan)
Dame Julie Okah Donli (NAPTIP)
Rachel Harper (Unseen)
Dietmar Roller (IJM Germany) Film Super Maarko (CSE) Jhanno (CSE)
Dr Luis C De Baca (Robina Fellow Yale University)
Prof Tania Garcia Sedano
Dr Inmaculada Dominguez
Dr Esperanza Barbuzano
Alison Wilson
Dr Samantha Israel Iwowo
Professor Brad Blitz (UCL)

The Neurophysiological impacts of Trafficking on victims of the crime Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford, with Dr Ingerborg Krauss and Dr Halleh Seddighhzadeh.

Day Four : Thursday 4th July
Recruitment, Recovery, Remedy, Religion

Professor Silvia Tabusca
Dr Kate Van Doore
Dr Victoria Baines (ECPAT)
Dr Ingerborg Krauss
Dr Halleh Seddighzadeh
Dr Mar Ramos Gascon
Klaus Henri Vanhoutte
Revd Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford
Alex Christopoulos
Vweta Chadwick
Dr Carole Murphy
Dr Mina Yumin Chiang
Dr Sara Silvestri
Sr Gabriella (Talitha Kum)
Iona Sandescu Bauer (Project Oi, Romania)
Dr Jagbir Jhutti Johal
Ahmed Uddin (Charity Right)
Dr Mark Capaldi

Physical Theatre – JUST SEX clips.

afternoon visit to the St John’s College library archive of works collected around the period of the abolition of the Slave Trade in the UK 1807

Day Five Friday 5th July

Removal (Gametes, Surrogacy, Organs) Reporting, Resources, final reflections on Research Gaps.

Andrei Ciurcanu (Romania)
Dr Sarah Steele
Dr Saradamoyee Chaterjee
Professor Silvia Tabusca
Professor Ser-Huang Poon
Kieran Guilbert (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
Dr Patricia Hynes with Dr Patrick Burland (paper on request only)
Dr Belinda Bell
Mandy Sanghera
Sabin Muzaffar
Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford