Palermo Summer School and Bursaries

The capital city of Sicily, which gave the UNTOC protocol its name – is host to a vibrant summer school specifically targetting graduate students at the beginning of its long hot summer. For the last couple of years CCARHT has teamed up with the University of Palermo to develop further UNIPAs decade long work on researching the links between Migration, Human Rights, and (threats to) Democracy which occurs in the nexus of the Southern Mediterranean.

With CCARHT as a collaborating partner, Dr Pemberton Ford has brought the expertise on Human Trafficking front and centre for this annual Summer School, the rising presence of exploitative Human Trafficking crime groups, profiting from the vulnerability emerging in the currents of insecure global migration flows. CCARHT is delighted to bring its multidisciplinary and international network to work with the University of Palermo in developing greater reach across international student bodies, raising the flag for interdisciplinary working, engagement in one of the profound societal justice issues of our day, and collaboration in seeking to understand the political temperament across Europe, as it responds to this potent criminal scourge of our era.

Participants meet an international range of colleagues, students undertaking their undergraduate studies, through to college professors dipping their toes into some previously uncharted waters of migratory flows, Human Smuggling in the face of hardening European borders, and Human Trafficking impacts. Take a look at the programme below, and see whether this isn’t part of your preparation for further studies in Migratory Studies and Human Trafficking impacts, for the coming year.

Palermo Summer School 2019

A full programme with a day’s visit to the spectacular Valley of the Temples in Agrigento with Thursday’s programme featuring Professor Fulvio Vassallo on the current Mediterranean Humanitarian crisis in the face of closure of South European ports to ‘mercy ships’ and Dr Ford speaking on up-coming Mega Sports embroilment with Modern Slavery/ Human Trafficking in supply chains with Qatar 2022 in focus.

The 12th Summer School UNIPA in collaboration with CCARHT 2018

Migrants, Human Rights and Democracy

The next Summer School will be in June 2020 – a great opportunity to deepen your understanding of the complex social identity politics currently in play on the Southern frontiers of ‘Fortress Europe’ as the European Community seeks closure on the continuing currents of Global Human Movement in its northwards flows from North Africa and the Sub-Saharan tributaries of supply.

Interested to volunteer with CCARHT and grab yourself a place around the Palermo Summer School table? Send your CV to and a motivation letter – for us to consider how you might best be deployed, and gain a seat at this vital Summer School with lots to learn, and the legacy of centuries of migration to absorb.