Phase Two

Since 2015 Dr Ford has been developing CCARHT Symposia on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery in Cambridge as well as building
co-operation with a number of Universities.

The University of Palermo and the Annual Symposium at
the Democracy, Migration and Human Rights Symposium held in Palermo, Sicily every June co-operating since 2017.

The American University in Bucharest – the Sustainable Development Goals and Human Trafficking mitigation. 2018

CCARHT Symposia now an annual spot for many who want to be kept informed on the latest research and break-throughs in the Counter Trafficking world..

The CCARHT summer symposia has been hosted in the University of Cambridge since 2016 – see our archive pages for more details
2016 – Developing a #2020 vision on Human Trafficking
Jesus College University of Cambridge
2017 – Children in focus – Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery St Catherine’s College University of Cambridge.
2018 – The Five Ts of Trafficking: Trauma, Transport, Terror, Tech and Transparency. Jesus College University of Cambridge
2019 The Several Rs of Modern Slavery: Risks and Rewards, Remittances, Rights, Religion, Rule of Law, Refugees, Routes, Removal, Regulation. The Judge Business School University of Cambridge (July 2019)


In 2013 – 2015 Dr Ford was a Research Associate at the Free University Orange Free State Republic of South Africa working with Professor Beatri Krueger in the Faculty of Law.
In 2016 – 2017 Dr Ford worked with the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) with a UNITAR Research Fellowship – working with specific attention to Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking risks within Migratory flows and in Peace Keeping Operations, and consulted with a number of UN departments on these areas of concern – including a High Level Panel convened in the Balkans by NATO.


Dr Ford runs a full speaking diary across the year, and is available to be brought into symposia, conferences and open research days to both facilitate strategic thinking and resource teams with some of the latest thinking developing in their area of concern, as it addresses Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. For more information on Dr Ford’s availability please ‘contact at’ with speaker request in the subject line.
Most recently Dr Ford launched the 2019 CCARHT RENATE report at the Houses of Commons sharing the platform with the Chair of the Modern Slavery Review committee the Rt Hon Maria Miller, the founder of the Centre for Social Justice and former leader of the UK Conservative Party, the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith and the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service Lord Hogan Howe.
Some of the many speaking requests with papers prepared fulfilled in 2018 – 2019:

  • the Romanian Police Force annual conference – Constanza Romania;
  • SDGs and Trafficking mitigation, the American University, Bucharest Romania;
  • “Together against Human Trafficking” the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, International Justice Mission working with their NGO network, Berlin;
  • ‘Seven Country mapping of risks to minors of Human Trafficking across Europe’, RENATE Religious Congregations working against Human Trafficking London;
  • the PHIT conference (Psychological Health Impacts of Trafficking – from victimology to survivor-centric responses) University of Barcelona;
  • the Clewer Initiative – the Anglican Church’s initiative against Human Trafficking – ‘Faith Based Organisations working in Counter Trafficking lessons from the first decade since Palermo’, Bristol Cathedral UK
  • ‘Adopting a Public Health approach to the ‘infection’ of Human Trafficking’ the University of Palermo, Sicily
  • ‘Supply Chains and Transparency: exploring high tech exposure’ with CCARHT and Just SHARE – London.
  • ‘Chain Reactions – political repercussions and security risks entailed in Mass Migration through the Balkans 2015’ NATO High Level consultation – North Macedonia.
Working on a new Film commission with Spanish colleagues, during a short stop over in Madrid 2018.

And in Cambridge the development of a new programme for the Physical Theatre company INFUSION
Just Sex.

PUBLICATIONS – back catalogue

See Dr Pemberton Ford’s back catalogue of publications and commissioned reports here.

And a final spot of joining up some dots:  Faith Communities and Social Justice 

  • Circle Thinking: African Women Theologians in conversations with the West (issues of GBV, Culture and Human Rights discourse, FGM, Post-Colonial rifts in theological dynamics, pre-Colonial discourses countering patriarchal mainstreaming)   Brill 2002 Pemberton
  •   ‘Whose face in the mirror? Personal and postcolonial obstacles in re-searching Africa’s contemporary women’s theological voices’. Ed Ursula King and Tina Beattie New Studies in Religion and Gender. Concilium 2004.
  •  ‘Breaking the Silence: Speaking Holy Words for Women’ Gender Based Violence –social constructions and theological models – in L Orr MacDonald, Ed. Do Not Be Afraid, Scottish Churches Publishing, Edinburgh.
  • Anglicanism A Global Communion – (a global conversation of different voices from the international communion featuring issues of gender, violence, and power alongside ecclesiology and mission) Mowbray 1998