Klaus H. Vanhoutte

In 2014 Vanhoutte focused on the loverboys and teen pimps. In human trafficking, people mistakenly think only of prostitutes who are sexually exploited. 56 percent of the victims that Payoke takes care of men, in barely 33 percent of cases it is about sexual exploitation. Equally important is economic exploitation. Thinking of Chinese people who are locked up in small rooms and have to work 16 hours a day in a restaurant. Or Nigerian prostitutes who are being pressured by their pimps with voodoo.

“In recent years we have seen the focus of the police and the judiciary on trafficking in human beings decrease. Terrorism and smuggling became the top priority. However, more money is earned worldwide with human trafficking than with drugs, only arms trafficking yields even more money, says Klaus Vanhoutte.

He became the became deputy director of the non-profit organization Payoke in March 2017 and recently succeeded Patsy Sörensen as director.