Karen Muller

Karen is one of the leading experts internationally on crimes of sexual violence against children and other vulnerable groups, including women and people with mental disabilities. She has also spearheaded an interdisciplinary approach towards safeguarding children from violence through capacitating stakeholders to prevent, respond to, and protect children from this violence. She is a policy developer, a legislative reviewer, an expert on specialist criminal justice models, and a proponent of a multi-disciplinary system response to violence against children. As an example, her expertise was acknowledged when she was appointed as one of 5 international experts onto the Selection Committee of the Spotlight Initiative’s Civil Society Global Reference Group. The uniqueness of her expertise lies in her multi-disciplinary approach to violence against children – she reflects the objectives of the UN INSPIRE strategies. She works within both a psychological as well as a legal framework to address and combat the abuse and exploitation of children.  As the CEO of the Child Witness Institute, Karen has conducted numerous research projects, has contributed to the development of legislation and developed policies, guidelines and advanced training courses on child safeguarding, sexual violence prevention, and response strategies, and specialized services and models for child witnesses and other vulnerable groups. Karen conducts her work at the national, regional, and international levels.