Jini Roby

Jini Roby, emeritus social work professor and attorney, is widely recognized as a researcher and adoption ethics expert. She has published numerous articles and book chapters on ethical adoptions, and has served as a consultant to many countries of origin participating in intercountry adoptions. She was appointed as the trustee of the Samoan Adoptees’ Restitution Trust, a novel remedy centered on restorative justice after the conviction of a group of adoption facilitators violating the rights of adoptees and birth families. For the past few years she has served as an expert in a criminal case spanning four states in the U.S. involving human trafficking of birth mothers into the U.S. from the Marshall Islands, resulting in a successful conviction in June 2020. She has trained numerous lawyers, judges, social workers and other professionals in an effort to uphold the rights of children and birth families in adoptions, as well assisting in family strengthening systems in multiple countries.