Guillaume Soto-Mayor

Guillaume Soto-Mayor, a graduate from Oxford and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg, is currently a research engineer in charge of leading the development of the security and defense research team of the CNAM. He is also Lecturer in several master’s degree schools (Sciences Po Paris, St Andrews, IEP Strasbourg, CNAM). As an analyst and expert for the United Nations as for the former advisor to the General Commander of the French Elements in Senegal, he conducted extensive field research on conflicts, instability, criminal and terrorist networks in West, Central and North Africa. Simultaneously, he conducts a large amount of sensitization and operational support work to local and international leaders on these issues. His current research works focuses on the role of Mafias as geostrategic actors, on organized crime (human, migrants, drugs, weapons, drugs, environmental, etc.) and terrorist networks (operation, financing, etc.) in Africa and Europe, on radicalization and exit of violence, and finally the repository of radical proselytism. He is regularly solicited for its expertise by UNCTED (Africa Directorate), IUCN, GTTAC, French and Foreign governments. He has a recently published a piece on Criminal Networks: the Forgotten Actors of International Politics in the International Journal on Criminology