Cdr. Ashok VM Kumar

Commander Ashok is a former Naval officer an alumnus of the 94th National Defence Academy, who has had a decorated career with the armed forces where he commanded warships, led highly sensitive trans-national missions of the highest order amongst other distinguished roles. During the course of his naval career, he has held positions with the Navy, Coastguard, Marine Police Force and Naval Police Investigations and provided security for vital national assets. He has also trained officers at the Indian Naval Academy and was instrumental in setting up a key Marine Police Station to combat human trafficking by sea.

Cdr. Ashok has been fighting human and trafficking crime syndicates for the past few years and has been directly involved in the rescue of over 3600 women and children from the bondage of human slavery in the last three years alone working with about 10 states in India in collaboration with Police and Judiciary. Cdr. Ashok is currently serving many organizations as a Senior Consultant for human trafficking issues, including IJM.