The Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking exists in order to facilitate a multi-agency, cross departmental and inter university research effort to respond to the multiple challenges of Human Trafficking in all its global and local realizations.

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On these pages you will be able to

  • Explore in greater detail a range of resources available for understanding Human Trafficking as it is being practiced today
  • Lock in with other practitioners and academics who are investigating and through enhanced understanding developing tools to challenge the multiple pathways which Human Trafficking undermines our societies and the lives of those who are trafficked
  • Follow news gleaned from across the world on the latest developments emerging from our range of associated centres, academics and practioners
  • Connect with our network on face book, linked-in and twitter
  • Submit your academy’s resources or publications for review and hosting
  • Discover a range of conferences, events and webinars which are available to enhance your own and your organisation’s understanding about Human Trafficking and emerging best practice in response
  • Become part of a growing network of those who are informed and able to raise responsibly their national response to Human Trafficking in the context of an international community of expertise.